Pocket BVM

Pocket BVM


The Pocket BVM (bag valve mask) is an innovative resuscitator that provides breathing support to patients experiencing respiratory distress. Unlike any other BVM, the Pocket BVM has a patented collapsible design that enables it to fit into a compact and durable case. This unique design makes it the smallest fully functional BVM on the market.

Since the Pocket BVM is so small (13.4 cm diameter x 6.3 cm height / 5.2 ” diameter x 2.2 ” height) it easily fits into any emergency kit. This is an especially important factor for paramedics that have space issues such as those on bikes, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (AVTs), helicopters etc. The Pocket BVM also saves valuable space, and on average uses a quarter of the space compared to standard BVMs.

The Pocket BVM package contains a bag, mask, patient valve and reservoir bag- everything a paramedic needs to provide a resuscitation procedure. This means that first responders don’t have to waste any time looking for equipment and everything they need is readily available.

Another advantage of the Pocket BVM is that it can easily be passed from one EMS provider to another. It can be thrown even in the toughest of circumstances – fire, water, dirt etc. The box is especially robust and water-resistant and is built to withstand the toughest of environments.

Additional information

Weight 0.440 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6 cm


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